Modern modular sectional sofa

How to Measure a Modular Sectional Sofa

A modular sectional sofa is based on parts that can be grouped together or separately around the room. The modular sectional sofa this type requires a larger seating area compared to regular. Measure the length from the wall or open area in the room where you going to put the chairs. Be sure to check the measures that are to the left and right. Note that a corner wall of [...]

white daybed with storage

Daybed with Storage

Daybed with storage - small house is difficult for us to choose good furniture for the home. Sometimes we are interested in a particular furniture, possibly due to the unique and attractive design. But unfortunately, we have to think 2 times to buy furniture because of its large size. The little house is a bit difficult for us. Because if too many furniture will make the house feel cramped and [...]

Simple Modern Sleeper Sofa

How to Build Modern Sleeper Sofa

Build a modern sleeper sofa to make a place for your guests, both are sitting or sleeping on it. This project comes with its own table dual night and corner. Instructions of build modern sleeper sofa Building two box-shaped structures for modern sleeper sofa. Cut a plate of plywood 3/4 inch thick pieces 75 inches long by 8 inches wide (1.87 x 20 cm). Cutting a piece of plywood, 3/4 [...]

Hall Tree Storage Bench Design

How to Make Hall Tree Storage Bench

A hall tree is a type of furniture that holds shoes, hats and coats on the rack bench style. A hall tree storage bench is a project somewhat difficult and requires specialized carpentry skills and tools. Instructions of make hall tree storage bench Measure two side rails 4 feet (1.22 m) tall tables 2 2 (5.08 x 5.08 cm). Cut the boards with a miter saw. Short enough tables for [...]

wall Wooden Wine Racks

Wonderful Wooden Wine Racks

Functionality of wooden wine racks are not just limited to bottles and wine accessories. Some wine racks also serve as furniture. While not cheap, these units combine style, functionality and uses. They range from $ 200 to almost $ 8,000. Wooden wine racks view are very characteristic and are generally a showcase for your treasured bottles of wine. They bottles are shown with minimal coverage, but sturdy support system. This model is perfect [...]

Rialto Cuddle couch

Receive (More) Hugs on Your Birthday, But You Give the Cuddle Couch

Cuddle couch – If Facebook is something useful to remember the birthdays of your friends. It is not uncommon on the date indicated your wall display embattled congratulatory messages from people you were not added by knows what reasons. It’s cold, of course. How many of us owe to Facebook eternal gratitude for making us remember the birthdays of our loved ones and … of the hundreds of people who [...]

baroque furniture picture

Period of baroque furniture

The period of baroque furniture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are so exquisite and glamorous style. The French, Italian and English influences are evident in the woodworking and sophisticated ornaments that were used to design the furniture baroque. If you want to incorporate furniture baroque design of your home, you must combine them with wooden objects made ​​by craftsmen. 1. Ornaments The era of baroque furniture elaborate adornments introduced [...]

architecture exterior appealing modern prefab homes

Modern Prefab Homes Design

There are lots of prefabricated houses, those that are on a tighter or manufactured home to a unique client pocket. The modern prefab homes are becoming increasingly important in our country is that, nowadays, it is very difficult to distinguish between a house and a mobile home work. Modern prefab homes can have the same amenities as a home work. In this sense, these houses may have two levels, with [...]

chic purple couch

Luxury Purple Couch

Purple couch in your room are luxury design. You can use various shades of purple and near sofa together a color scheme around purple. Choose a color scheme based on couch and decorative items in room.  Combine cream cushion or solid tan color with shades of lavender to soften purple couch.  Choose cushions in bright colors like orange, fuchsia, yellow, animal print, black and white, polka dots, stripes or wallpaper [...]

elegant decorative pillows for couch

Fun decorative pillows for couch

Decorative pillows for couch make most comfortable to sit or lie down, while adding a visual dimension sofa. Make a simple cushion to give your sofa a bit of color and prints. Use fabric with contrasting colors and textures of your home. While making decorative pillows for your couch requires some sewing skills, you can make several in one night. When choosing a color of decorative pillows for couch, notes other pieces in [...]